Monday, February 28, 2005

two fathers

1. The sweet man lying in bed
stands 6 feet tall during his day.
He cannot hear the guitar
singing in the next room (There are places in my life).
He cannot feel his Labrador
pressed against his side
(or his beard scratching his face).
His feel are killing him slowly with the pain,
but now,
he rests soundly.
I cannot hear his heart beating, but it is
in rhythm with the twinkling stars
above us tonight...

I love this man
and maybe one day
I will be able to tell him
(perhaps in the damp, cold duck blind).

2. Tonight, my poor father weeps for his wife.
His tears soak the pillows and sheets
and are fresh with sadness.
No time has passed for him in these three years.
He still sees her powdering her nose; slipping into
her satin nightgown.

Tonight, a family is eating dinner and the two
siblings are arguing over the last piece of bread.
Somewhere, a drunkard stumbles out of a
bar and vomits into a stained, metal trash can.
As he lifts his head, he sees a morsel of
bread and eats--finally regaining hunger
that was lost years ago.

The melancholy moon is bright tonight.
The leaves and grass are frosted; the chickadee
is in her nest warming her chicks.
If you listen, you can hear his wail;
crying for years past,
and frustrations ahead.
He will weep always.


Sue's Express said...

This one is sad...but I'm a little confused in this poem. The first part seems to me that the father being talked about passed away (to be with the holy father above)...and then the poem talks about the father who weeps...soaking his pillows and sheets...and then the poem is interruped by a family eating dinner and two siblings arguing over bread...the drunkard stumbling, etc. I don't see the significance of this part.

I see a typo in this poem also:
In part one, eighth line, it says:

His feel are killing him slowly with the pain,

Shouldn't it say:

His feet are killing him slowly with the pain,

iamnasra said...

I do agree with Sue at the negining it talked about the father and the way he missed his wife...that it really touched me

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