Monday, August 29, 2011

My Last Will and Testament

To Macbeth:

I leave my paranoia;
always tugging 
at the hem of my slacks,
as I brush past
the puddling rain.

To Juliet:

I leave my romance,
my passion,
my name;
May you always 
speak aloud
among the stars
and remember 
how to love.

To Yeats:

I leave my manhood,
(my russet brow);
the shaved stuffings
creating my 
masculine gait,
and all other things
that dance upon the level shore
underneath all the 
wandering stars.

To Mr. Holmes:

You shall receive...
(well, if you are reading this,
then you have already deduced
your inheritance).

To Dr. Watson:

I leave my desire 
to capture greatness
with pen and paper
and an eye 
toward truth.

To Superman:

I leave justice,
my strength,
and a need 
to do what is right.

To Mr. Collins:

I leave
my poetry
(you will know what to do).

To Mr. Hughes:

I leave the moon,
jazz beats,
hot, Harlem nights,
but most importantly,
my dreams.

To Mr. Whitman:

I leave,
body electric,
soul sewn into 
rich earth;
scent of lilac,
hope for the future,
a belief in myself.

To Hamlet:

I leave my loneliness,
the indecision,
which plagued me
in life;
my cowardice,
my conscience.
I am off to the undiscovered country.

To My Beloved Children
(To be equally divided):

I leave it all:
Sherlock and Watson,
leaves of grass,
Juliet and passionate love,
Langston Hughes,
Billy Collins,

Listen to music;
be romantic,
unyielding in your beliefs.

Listen to your mother;
be kind,
and wiling to cry.

Take it all
and be you;
be wonderful;
just be.

To My Loving Wife:

What can I give?

There is one thing
left to give;
that, which you do not want:

Remember me
utterly preposterous 
and in love.

Sometimes it will feel like
you need to be two,
Don't--they already have me


Mr. Neibauer said...

This poem is real rough. It is still in the very beginning stages.... just an idea I had to get out on paper.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I have spent the hour perusing your poetry - and enjoying every minute. I especially love, My Last Will and Testament. I like the cleverness, the fresh approach, the intelligence of each line - every word a tribute, of sorts, to those of whom you admire. Kudos!
I haven't been posting for many months now. I have been seeking out other literary avenues. But, once in awhile, I like to see what's up on the blogs. Glad I stopped by today.
I love The Flowers of Evil. Baudelaire is one of my chosen ones. I live by poetry alone - his words are like food. I love Whitman like a father - and read his poetry daily. So, I do believe we are tuned into the same wave lengths.
I wish you peace and harmony and the best of luck with your poetry.

Teagan said...

Last Will and Testament...
Beautiful! Truly beautiful! And naturally my absolute favorite part is to my children, to my wife.
Especially, "Sometimes it will feel like you need to be two, Don't-they already have me inside" Incredible!!!

N. E. Levey said...

Lovely. I like the idea of it being a give and take relationship. I feel that way with my inspirations, that while they do not know it I am giving back something by taking what they have created. I don't know if that is how you meant this. But a poignant idea; the relationship between what you give and take.