Saturday, January 21, 2012


Like a sickle of ice
glowing in the night sky

it just
pierces the black canvas
draped across my body,
my life.

Full moons are adored,
written about,
sung to,
sighed to,
and asked questions to.

I prefer the lasting
to the bloated moon
sleeked with gluttonous grease.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Alas, life has once again blockaded my writing. I have been writing down snip-its of good lines I am reading, but nothing substantial.  I am sure that once things slow down, I will be able to write more.  Will life ever slow down?  Natalie Goldberg would most definitely say NO!  I need to block out a section of my life dedicated for writing.  The only problem is that I have run out of sections.  I have a section for work, family time, graduate school, eating meals, washing dishes, and sleeping.  Oh, I almost forgot driving to and from work!

Well, in a few seconds, I will resume my job of shaping the minds of today's youth.