Wednesday, August 30, 2006

lost ideas

I’ve had
more attempts of
than poems.

I have sat,
pen in hand;
open laptop,
white screen,
blinking cursor,
fingertips pressed lightly
on the keys,
almost feeling each letter)
to be more accurate.)

I almost hate
when an idea hits me,
square on the back
of my head,
like a hot slap,
after a sarcastic remark
to my father.
If I do not have
pen and paper,
computer and outlet,
the idea is lost.

So, I run
looking for
scraps of paper,
a pencil, pen, marker.
I would use a knife
and write in my own
if the idea was
that good.

Most of the time,
I wait,
looking over my shoulder,
for a periodic
that is a poem.


mermaid said...

Would you believe that I only feel the last week of my poems have been worthy for my own viewing (though others disagree)?

Would you believe that an idea will come and allow you to capture it only when it is ready to surrender to your poetic arts and needs?

The last stanza surrenders to the patience we need as artists to capture our own souls in our verses.

_Soulless_ said...

I would use a knife
and write in my own
if the idea was
that good.

Spoken with a writer's conviction. Hear, hear! (I oh so like the thought of a 'slap' referring to a poem. The suddenness of it all is greatly emphasized. ^_^)

Free Spirit said...

BIG sigh.

I can relate. One time, I actually dreamt a verse and I sat upright, between awake and asleep, and groped for my mobile phone in the dark so I can record it before it gets lost somewhere in my head.

Jyotsna said...

ideas are there every single moment and they slip by ..i try to grab them too and they just bypass me is frustrating at times.But yes the words just flow when one is totally centred and just decides to let the words 'be'
ages since i came by.
hope you are well!

:..M..: said...

Excellent. But we always, or almost always, churn something even better than what we wanted to frantically record. For that, I'm beginning to believe, will be life.

Anonymous said...

I loved it!

Serious enough to indicate your passion to write and witty enough to make me read it with a smile.

Truely enjoyed this light hearted poem!

Pat Paulk said...

Love it!! The keys I use most often is the backspace and delete.

nomadicsoul said...

thats call a true poet!

carrying around a notebook. noting down every muse, every word of inspiration, of every poetic feeling.

Beccas-thoughts said...

Hmm.. I know the feeling..:)
Although sometimes I will see one of my poems posted online from viewers and it makes me smile..
Good poem..

Ishtaar said...

It troubles me when someone is about to say something and then they forget what it was before they have said it or written it down. Because what if it was the grandest idea or thought that ever existed and could have changed the world. I hope there is a graveyard for unspoken thoughts.
I liked this poem a lot :)