Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Last Night

I awoke last night
from a dream
I can't remember.
My body shook
with fear
as I sat up
in bed.
The room, a black fuzz,
with blurry eyes
blinking the time,
seemed to swallow me whole.

I could hear nothing;
see nothing;
feel nothing;
taste nothing;
say nothing.

It took a full
5 minutes
to realize
that I was still
waking up.


Vid said...

This doesn't rhyme. I like it as prose ("asleep, waking up" sort of twists your mind), but really it's just prose chopped up into somewhat-even lines. It doesn't have meter nor rhyme.

Adrian Neibauer said...

Thanks for the comment.

True, it doesn't rhyme. Does all poetry have to rhyme? Just a thought.