Friday, July 28, 2017

quantum scimus sumus

To become aware for the first time,
bringing myself to light:
refracted rays of sunlight;

Grabbing at its tail,
slipping through my fingertips,
I glisten in the warm glow.

I am what I know:

Nonconforming helps be sleep at night.
I write because I have to.
Reading is good for me.
I am solid and sound and insecure and brave.
I am one person.
I am emotional.
I forget.
I reconstruct my memories again and again.
I am constantly learning

I create this space, this silence
for me, for you, for us.

1 comment:

Adrian Neibauer, EdD said...

I came across this Emerson quote and it resonated with me. I am trying to capture my identity based on what I know. However, what do I really know? Can I just reduce myself to a few facts?