Sunday, February 06, 2005

The softness of every summer night,
for the rest of my life,
is expressed
in the way you touch me.
Ever so gently,
ever so quietly,
I feel your breath upon my skin.
I feel a warm summer breeze
as I lie in your bed.
It warms my skin as
you warm my heart.

I will never sleep alone
as long as I love you.
Our love
is bound together
by interlocked fingers.

We walk together one evening,
and you whisper,
I love you.

I feel the warm breeze again.

My heart beats faster
for you
as the years pass.
We are together on this summer night,
the stars above.
is asleep in our arms,
as we lull and soothe her.
You glance at me, and
I feel the warm breeze again.

Our love cannot be separated
by time, nor distance.
Together we cannot be broken.
We are beautiful, and our love
is strong.

The breeze will always blow
through our hearts,
and whisper our sweet names.

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