Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The sun will rise over an array of houses,
spreading itself thinly over the tile roofs.
A couple will embrace each other,
welcoming the naked morning,
after spooning the entire night.
Bread will be watched
by a baker, as it browns slightly.
He will admire its color
like a father admires his son's hair
in the sunlight.
Many things will happen,
as this naked morning dresses for its new day.

But today, the sun will be warmer.
Its color will fall on my face, and
I will smile into it.
We will embrace each other,
and unfold our tangled bodies
from a night of stillness.
I will admire the color of your hair.
I feel warmth as sunlight falls on my face.
My eyes are open, and your smell
is on my skin.
It is a sweet smell, and I must kiss you now,
before this urge takes over my heart,
my soul.
I am gentle because you still sleep.
Today is a wonderful day,
filled with unique richness.
When you open your eyes,
I will tell you that I love you, and
wish you a happy birthday,
because today
is your day.

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