Sunday, May 07, 2006

reading under water

My students must think
I'm reading such a sad poem;
As my eyes cloud,
the words blur,
and a warm drop
slides down
the side of my nose
collecting at my
one last time,
before I wipe it away.

The truth is,
this is the very reason,
why I didn't
in school.
My body would relax
so much,
I could feel myself
enter the text.
The words blur,
and I would put down the book,
confusing it all for

Fifteen years later,
I sit with my fourth-graders
reading together,
and it happens again.
I know this time,
whether prose or poetry,
satire or cynicism,
controls my body,
keeps me afloat.

Gives me the calm
of sitting at the bottom
of a swimming pool,
letting one, two, three. . .
four, five, six. . .
seven, eight, nine
bubbles rise to the surface
as I sink slowly.
It is quiet
at the bottom,
and somehow,


Pincushion said...

'It is quiet
at the bottom,
and somehow,

This is so eloquent!
and something I can relate to, the only thing in this chaotic world that gives me peace..

May you find yours, my dear!

Concetta said...

I just bumped into your blog. Thanks for the lovely words and imagery. You have some powerful stuff. Stop by for a visit sometime. Keep writing - with the hope your life will be filled with butterfly wings.

_Soulless_ said...

Reading can be a way of freeing one's self from one's surroundings, in order to renew or rejuvenate mind and soul. Calming, yes. And hopefully, cathartic. ^_^

So glad you've resurfaced though, to share the depth of your words.

Anonymous Poet said...

"My body would relax
so much,
I could feel myself
enter the text."

Wonderful expression.

mermaid said...

Hello Stan. I thought I placed a link to my new blog from the old one, but you've found me.

And I find you under water. You are the sky that brings rain and the sea that collects it.

Liam Wilkinson said...

I love this. And I really like your style - your form. You're like Bukowski without the booze and race horses! Love it.

Rory Scanlon said...

profound. even the day to day reflections on one's self and society is really just anothe form of narrative. the annoying thing about our personal narratives, however, is that we are not the sole authors; many a paragraph I've tried to add to my 'life's book' have never made it oddly enough. given this, writing, and fiction, can be comforting in that these narratives are creatd by man, by a person. ther grander perplexities can be avoided.

of course this is not necessarily the case. it was a nice read. i like the straight-forward, simple style.