Monday, May 15, 2006


I was born
to be a teacher;
born in September,
my Autumn birth
(signifying to some---
beginning of cold
is my familiar
to learning:
fresh students
pencils, paper, notebooks,
September has always
cradled me:
even-tempered in spirit,
fair in tone
and complexion.


mermaid said...

Never though of September this way. But it is a transition month. Not too hot, not too cold (depending on where you live). It is the inbetween, as you are the inbetween students and knowledge.

Anonymous Poet said...

Interesting contrast. A beginning where most others only see an end.

Apparently, then, this time of year signifies a kind of end . . . except that you'll have your summer to enjoy!

: )

Luanne said...

im from Asia, and school starts in June, but nevertheless, I get the point :) I really like this poem, well done :)

Shubhodeep said...

Interesting juxtaposition of thoughts and times. good one.

do visit my blog sometime.

Yvaine said...

That's a very interesting way to look at one's profession. I really enjoyed this poem!

abhay k said...

September falls under the constellation Libra. This signifies the evenness of everything including temper...
I liked your A taste of lonliness and a question on men...

Beccas-thoughts said...

I love those fall months.. A very good month too.. my son was born in this month.. I was born in November..:)