Tuesday, October 27, 2015

No Copy. No Paste

I wasn’t completely honest before.  I have, indeed, been writing.  In fact, I’m not sure it is possible to complete a master’s and doctoral program without writing.  My writing has been technical.  Long papers, essays, and dissertation proposals.  Writing using APA formatting is a skill of its own.  So, yes, I have been writing.  However, my writing has felt hollow because it is so technical.  There hasn’t been much creativity, except in possibly an introductory or concluding section.  I’ve read more articles, journals, and books than I ever thought was possible.  I’ve taken that information and written, and rewritten about the same topic for three years now.  There tends to be a fair amount of copying and pasting when you are writing about the same topic for years on end.  Right now, I am all, but dissertation (ABD).  I an in the process of completing my research and so I will soon begin writing my dissertation.  Perhaps this need to be creative and fresh; innovative and collaborative, arises from my pending dissertation.  I am tired of drinking the same water over and over again.  I want something new, perhaps something a bit stronger.  I need to wake up my senses and synthesize all that I have learned, into a dissertation opus.  Doctoral writing doesn’t have to be so technical.  Well, it does, but does it need to be only technical?  No more copying and pasting in different places. It's time for new writing, new words.  A new me.  

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