Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mother of Hynos


Think sleep, friend, and ask why you truly fall into it.
Do you escape the wake?
Do you visit the familiar?
Do you stay because you are afraid to leave,
or leave because you fear staying behind?


Essential shadows rob some goddesses of their dream.
Some steal your sun,
some comfort the lonely.
Are you the goddess they seek?
If you look too hard, they will disappear.
Dream sweetly, Nyx, and let your shadow listen.


When you dream, do you hear the colors in your mind?
I love in whispers,
languid and delirious,
beneath my dreams.
I shine on your beauty,
and soar through these black moments.
Yet, the wind will blow in my face.
Guide me through.


I lust behind her music,
her gorgeous power.
I am a frantic ship in a winter storm.
She is a petal, the light I see.
Her skin is smooth and bare:
a wanted picture
that I keep in my mind.
The thousand weakest shadows will not cover me.

1 comment:

Adrian Neibauer, EdD said...

I am experimenting with different images for this poem, as well as some Greek allusions. Let me know your thoughts on how these stanzas fit together. I look forward to your feedback! Thanks.