Saturday, May 21, 2005


May 20, 2005

When my dad asked me to speak today, it was difficult to sit down and sum up how I feel about my Grandma in a short passage. What can I tell you about Marie that you don’t already know? What can I possibly say in this short time that will honor her in the way she deserves?

I suppose all I can do is tell you what my grandma means to me. When I think of my grandma I think of food. I think of strong calves, and her flipping around in my dad’s slippers that were five sizes too big for her. I think of her beautiful German accent on my answering machine. I think of her simplicity and her cleanliness. I think of her immaculate house with clean sheets. I think of the washcloths she made. I think of her inability to sit still. I think of her amazing vegetable garden. I think of waking up to seiza panna kuche. I think of her smell. I think of how hard she worked. I think of her kitchen, surrounding me with food—always. I think of her soft voice. I think of how much she loved. I think of her little feet. I think of Laurel. I think of her laugh: it was great, like a chuckle. I think of her drinking coffee with Aunt Frida. I think of how she would sneak sweets, even though she wasn’t supposed to, and the face she would make: like a little kid knowingly doing something wrong. I think of the amazing adversity she lived through. I think of how she would take out her teeth before bed. I think about how she was always concerned about her family. I think of how she never complained about anything, ever.

I love my grandma Marie so much, and she makes me proud to be a ________. I am proud of where my family comes from because she was such a model of goodness. I will always carry these things with me.


Too far away to see your face
As you flip through these poems a while,
Somewhere from some far off place,
I hear you laughing—and I smile.

--Shel Silverstein


_Soulless_ said...

Beautiful... So much so that I cannot help but shed a tear. It is so moving, Adrian. *sniff* Your love for your dear Grandma is so strong and true and poignantly captured by your words... honoring her beautiful life.

Thank you for sharing this. For sharing such precious memories.

iamnasra said...

Im really sorry about your grandma...It must be very to loose someone you love so dear...I still can not get over the death of my dad even now its already 4 years since he passed away

. : A : . said...

This was beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your memories with us. God bless her soul.

gulnaz said...

may she rest in peace.
that was written with such love! well, she lives on in you, in your heart and in what you have learned from her.
take care.

NicoleBraganza said...

I'm very sorry about your grandma. May she pass into eternity cherishing her family, her blessings as much as you cherish her memory. Be strong.

Pincushion said...

This is so touching and soft and sweet! It reminds me of my grandma too..who passed away two years ago..