Monday, May 23, 2005


The music playing above me is a white, satin bra.
I am wildly obsessed with fondling the notes.
It tickles my earlobes as I cock my head back and laugh aloud.
I can taste its sweet skin on the tip of my tongue.
My laughter echoes within my head.
The ocean, and its misty music, clouds my nostrils with its stench, making it difficult to breathe.
I am reminded of a long, wooden pier, peering off into the horizon.

I can see clearly now, the muddy notes floating in space above me.
Stevie Wonder stares at me telling his thoughts of downtown Harlem.
I'm blind, as I've always been.
Staring at seashells washed up on shore, I think back,
Schlepping my memories around with me.
That is why my mind is empty.

The talented musician of ecstasy continues to seduce me
until I am faint from sleeping too much.
I melt into this seat and stick to its soft leather.
Adrian had the power to listen to my words,
but I failed him.
I will stop listening soon, and go home to emptiness,
and drink dry water until I thirst for something wet.
I will eat when I am full, and starve my empty stomach until
ich habe eine groesse Hunger fuer Musik.
This soft chair tells me that the song is over for today,
But tomorrow echoes in my mind already.


Pincushion said...

This has so many layers to it! Peel one away and theres a new emotion waiting there to be discovered...deeper and deeper it pulls u in until you too lie there on the shore a memory of a seashell floating past you!

gulnaz said...

ich habe eine groesse Hunger fuer Musik
doesnt that mean, i have a big hunger for music...since i don't know german, i;m confirming.

the poem is beautiful, rich in textures too. i enjoyed reading it. thanks.

NicoleBraganza said...

"The music playing above me is a white, satin bra.
I am wildly obsessed with fondling the notes."

I love the metaphor. And the rest of the poem too....just beautiful!

_Soulless_ said...

Whaa.. Uhurm. *incoherent*

Gah. I can't get over the first two lines. I'm good, just sitting here, glued to a screen and two rows of letters dipped in lava. ^_^

iamnasra said...

I loved this one ..very inspiring

Jyotsna said...

You write very beautifully..i was enchanted by the imagery and the way your words flow.Immense talent!