Monday, May 30, 2005


Kindergarten smells of dewy morning and
fresh crayons. In the quiet of the morning
I sit individual boxes on individual desks
and prepare for my day.
The lights are bright, but do not make me squint.
I can feel the learning that will take place
as it tingles in my fingers.

Today, my students will march in,
some smelling of lavender or Dove (freshly bathed)m
some smelling of the city,
people and fumes.
All will unload their packs
and begin the routine of our days together.
Phillip always awaits my approval, and
I will always give him what he needs.

Kindergarten tastes of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,
made extra sticky so they stick to the roof of my mouth.
Or sometimes ham and cheese sandwiches
(also made sticky).
Cheetos, Dorritos;
Fruit Roll-ups, pudding snacks, yogurt (now in a tube for children
on the go);
Milk boxes, juice boxes.

Today, there will be read alouds,
exciting or scary, but always with a purpose.
There will be calendar,
counting and naming shapes;
weather predictions, graphing, and roll-call.
There will be Writing Workshop,
picture walks, Guided Reading, and modeling.
There will be problems (both math and playground),
and science experiments and manipulatives and
music (always music!) and gym.
We will always be moving and learning and teaching
and resting and laughing and crying and fighting.

Others may peek in
or hear a loud noise, and think that
we have controlled chaos.
Some may scoff as they pass on their way
to the copy room.
Some will definitely be anxiously
noting the standards taught throughout our day.

Inside my Kindergarten
life is being lived,
discoveries being made, and
learning taking place.
In here,
we will always remain children
as we learn about our world


transience said...

i loved the innocence of your last verse. i pedaled up from the link you left on my space. how wonderful to meet you.

NicoleBraganza said...

You seem so passionate about your teaching and the last verse is truly spoken from the heart of a KG teacher
"we will always remain children
as we learn about our world

I think kindergarten teachers play such an important role in building up children, giving them confidence to take the big steps ahead of them. My own KG teachers were so special and so dedicated. Im sure your kids love you to bits.

Liam Wilkinson said...

Love your poems.

Pincushion said...

This is so full of crayon images :))..adore it!
I could see it all..and moreso because I've been a teacher too..and it brought it all back..the classroom..and everything that goes with it..(tho' mine was mad..and far from!)