Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Call to Everyone

When I first started this blog in 2005, my intention was to "publish" all of my poetry;  I wanted a more formal place for all of those words I had written on napkins, journal margins, backs of menus, etc...  More importantly, though, I wanted feedback.

As the comments came, I began to realize that my poems were not finished (I never, actually, thought of them as finished).  My posts were constantly being read and re-worked and reworded and rewritten.  It humbled me. It made me a better writer.  It made me a better reader.  I wanted to share my feedback for other writers/bloggers.

The plateau came about a year later.  I had run out of poems, and people had run out of comments.  I tried posting various things, but no one really noticed.  So, I stopped posting.

I never stopped writing, though.

Now, five years later, I'm blogging again, looking for those same connections to other writers.  Except this time, I no longer want to use my blog as just a publishing tool.  I want reflective, metacognitive writing... not just my own, but others' thoughts as well. I want people to offer analysis that will articulate a deeper understanding or relationship to my writing.  I want people to synthesize and help create nothing but great writing.

So, I'm sending out a call to everyone.  Whether you follow this blog or not, start writing.  Start commenting.  Start analyzing.  Start reflecting.  Just start.

Let's surround ourselves with writers and writing.  Let's write!

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