Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just One More Chapter...

"Just one more chapter,' she thought.

Alice knew that there was only one more chapter, but she just couldn't seem to keep her eyes open.  Now, as she lay in bed, trying to finish the book, she thought back to earlier that day.

Alice usually walked home from school the same way every day.  Today, however, something unseen seemed to pull her down Tenth Street.  Sure, it was a longer route, but something was appealing about cutting through the city, and using this alley.

As she walked further, the sun seemed to slowly dim.  At the time, she didn't think much of it, but looking back, she knew the light was disappearing.... being replaced by something unnatural.

She came to the bookstore.  The large oak doors were carved with characters from Alice in Wonderland.  The whole store was out of place, stuck between two empty parking garages.  Alice didn't think twice as she entered.  The tinkling of the bell echoed off the damp, concrete walls announcing her arrival.

Alice looked around slowly trying to take it all in.  That's when she saw Mr. Linden.

Mr. Linden was an old man.  He was an old man.  He hunched a bit and ached as he walked.  Despite his withered body, his eyes were still sharp and twinkled when he cracked a smile.

"Welcome to my little store.  Can I help you find anything in particular?" rasped Mr. Linden.

Alice could smell his musty breath and see that he was missing three teeth.

"No, thank you," replied Alice.  "I'm just looking."

"Well, look at this!"

Mr. Linden pulled out a hard, leather-bound book.  It was much larger than the other books in the store.  As Alice looked at its cover, she heard Mr. Linden explain.

"No one has ever finished this book.  I guess it is just too intense for some people.   You, my lady, look different.  Perhaps you might like to take a peek!"

Alice began to open the book when Mr. Linden snatched it away.

"Better not!  I changed my mind.  I don't think  this book's for your.  Why don't you look at those magazines over there in the corner."

Mr. Linden pointed his shaky finger toward the magazine stand.  Alice turned to look and them looked back at Mr. Linden's counter.  He was gone.  The book remained.

Alice knew she shouldn't have taken it, but she had to.

Now, lying in bed, she recalled Mr. Linden's words, "No one has ever finished this book."

"Just one more chapter," she thought.

This was a writing exercise I modeled for the class.  I have the class choose a picture from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

It is a great set of photos with a caption.  The kids' writing is always impressive.

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