Sunday, July 31, 2005


You always have had
better perspective than me.
To be able
to take a step back,
maybe two,
maybe three,
and see ourselves
sitting on the couch
in our assumed
and know
we will be OK.

Perhaps my past,
growing up in a
melodramatic household,
where everything was
"NOW!" and "HERE!"
and every actions,
mistake, or movement
was the end of the

Perhaps your childhood,
growing up in a
ironical family
with a cynical twist,
where you,
born second, but
raised the first,
learned to appreciate
the bumps,
and lived to see
another day.

You always have had
better perspective.
Will you teach me?


iamnasra said...

I love the way you showed the difference between the two and then you ended with postive request will you teach me...

It was nice to be able to watch you and your other half perhaps take and learn the ropes of life and the way you give credit that she (maybe) has different precpective than your and here you are ready to learn from her..

illimitable voices said...

Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I don't like to dig deep into analyses of poetry, and this comment is no exception. I will say, however, that it is unencumbered and honest.

I like how your poem "cigar" matched the smell of yesterday's cigar with smell of a fresh morning. It makes the reader think about the celebration: Will the celebration be forgotten slowly the way the next day eases the smell of smoke?


Anonymous said...

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paddy said...

very well written

something well thought of be4 having been jotted down

_Soulless_ said...

This bodes the quietude of introspection. ^_^ The second stanza effectively captures a glimmer of reality.

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