Sunday, July 17, 2005


Sometimes a word is spoken.
Sometimes I hug her just right.
Sometimes we exchange a single glance,
and my world has meaning.
She plucks the strings of my heart,
and lets the music escape
my soul.
Sometimes a smile is noticed.
Sometimes it is not.
I am always here,
loving her secretly, and
Sometimes a word is spoken,
and I say,
I love you my darling.


paddy said...

that is what is really meant by romance
beautifully described..

. : A : . said...

Very nicely done.

yvaine said...

So sweet.

Anonymous Poet said...

I like how you changed a common phrase "pulled at my heartstrings" and turned it into something unique. "She plucks the strings of my heart, and lets the music escape." The last part is a great image. I like how you ended the piece with a little bit of narrative.

I just put up a piece on my site with a similar ending. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Also, I finally got around to adding a few more names to my blogroll, including yours. So, hopefully I can re-pay the nice compliment that you have paid me by linking my site to yours.

Take care!

gulnaz said...

mmmm....verrry sweet. :)

iamnasra said...

Very romantic...loved it...

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