Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the room

The room is quiet
I can close my eyes
if I want to
I am invisible now.
People around me cannot see me.
I am an island
in a sea of solitude.
The silence brushes against my fingertips,
as waves brush against my beach.
I am alone with my thoughts.

We are in a room
talking together.
I am in control now, but
that can change.
If I get too scared,
I open my eyes
to the world
that was always there.


_Soulless_ said...

I've noticed the change in the tone of your poems. The voice is softer, more introspective...

...and I love it. (trying new stuff, too, eh? ^_^)

yvaine said...


solitude in togetherness is a good thing.

gulnaz said...

that is a wonderful poem on solitude. it can be refreshing as well as pertrifying.

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