Monday, June 06, 2005


It's difficult to accept sometimes
that someone knows you better
than you know yourself,
trust yourself,
love yourself.

When I awaken,
there is no sound and
no darkness.
It is not early, for there is always someone else
already awake.
There is no darkness,
nor sadness,
for nothing has happened to make it so.
The moon still shines down on me,
but I talk to no one (not even myself).
It is an hour before I finally
or even utter a cough.
I sit in the quiet solitude
of the morning and
read some poetry.

Stealthily, I enter the lightened bedroom;
she can sense my sadness
without opening an eye.
I can't tell sometimes
if she speaks to me in her sleep,
or if her subconscious detects my pain.
I do not understand
how or what she knows
because I am me,
and it is difficult.


Shubhodeep said...

this should be a secure feeling...but somehow i sense an insecurity...its good to have aguardian angel isn't it?

transience said...

it's hard to live in one's skin sometimes. it gets too heavy and you get this urge to shrug out of it.

Sush said...

that was a superb piece you wrote...too good..:)

Anonymous Poet said...

Excellent! This narrative has such a degree of authenticity. I can feel the vague sadness and melancholy coming through my screen -- which is obviously sad. But (to the extent that this is autobiographical) one must be thankful to have someone in his life who knows you better than yourself. That is something many people cannot say.