Friday, June 17, 2005

modern love

I hate modern love!
how expensive and
how everything must
sparkle and shine
and be written in the sky.
Love is no longer private,
for it must be shared
to be true.
Written in Hallmark cards
and placed beneath flowers;
sung in rhymed crap
that describe anything,
to be true.

My love seems dead
as it lies inside,
too subtle for you.
I write it in poem
(not to be sung)
to document my life
that vanishes
in the sky
amongst the clouds, cards, flowers
without you.


gulnaz said...

so true. sometimes love doesnt seem anything more than a cliche. my favourite part in this:
My love seems dead
as it lies inside,
too subtle for you.

. : A : . said...

Yes, modern love kills the feelings sometimes.

iamnasra said...

How true now love became on how much money you put into it...

Loved your poem

NicoleBraganza said...

Modern Love. I dont like the concept. Wish it didnt ever exist. Wish we didnt have to define love. Wish we didnt have to express it according to the norm. Wish we could all fall in love, blindly, head over heels and innocently.

NicoleBraganza said...
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ForteLink said...

A wonderful poem. Always good to find someone else who feels the same about love nowadays.

:..M..: said...

A while since I've read any blogs. This was a refreshing piece - and I agree completely. You couldn't have put it any better at this moment in my life.

Anonymous said...

Your so right i hate to see how love is something you can buy at hallmark now a days. i hate it when people try to define love. Love isn't something you can express in words it's just something you feel inside. your right when you say
My love seems dead
as it lies inside,
too subtle for you.
thats how its suposed to be. if you can define your love in words then i truly feel sorry for you.

well anyway i licked ypur poem.

iamnasra said...

This was also I loved. Im reading it again this how much I liked it