Sunday, June 12, 2005


Underneath my defenses,
behind my mask(s),
I sit
cold and hungry.
The warmth of my heart
does not permeate
the depths of


. : A : . said...

Perfectly captured,

"The warmth of my heart
does not permeate
the depths of

I liked the way you have shown insecurity is impermeable here.

gulnaz said...

...and how much the heart needs to be warmed.
...too close for comfort.

Anonymous Poet said...

Well captured! You keep getting better and better!

Max Bouillet said...

Very few of us venture from behind our defense mechanisms. Nor do many of us put a mirror behind the wall. I think in many cases, we do not want to see our true selves. In this poem, you have shared yourself. We can gather a glimpse of the cold and hungry person that is within us all. Great read.

Anonymous said...

TOO many people are insucure, but you give them the chance to be themselves.

Jyotsna said...

"Underneath my defenses,
behind my mask(s),"...we wear them so often...this was a very short and succint piece!