Friday, June 10, 2005


I wonder if they remember...
as I zip up, button up coats,
tie shoelaces (double-knotted of course);
as I get on their level
because it is the only way for these small
beings to understand me;
as I distribute hugs evenly
for each student in class;
as I scold, discipline, manage,
but try to remain positive;
as I learn from them
(probably more than I can teach);
as I become their light,
and they become mine...

I wonder if they remember
the first day I arrived...
I wonder if they know
I was frightened,
striving for acceptance.
I wonder if they knew me
that way,
before I became someone to them,
and if they will remember me
in their lives.


_Soulless_ said...

So touching. Sniff. Especially that second stanza. ^_^

gulnaz said...

the teacher in this is beautiful!
all kids should have teachers like this teacher. more power to him!

Anonymous Poet said...

Wonderful! "Before I became someone to them . . . " Great line!!

. : A : . said...

Takes me back ...

floots said...

I found it was often the "rogues and villains" who were most pleased to see me after they had left school. It's great when some hulking six footer in a pub say, "Buy you a drink, sir?" (Mind you, it's nice when anyone buys me a drink!)