Monday, March 28, 2005

all things beautiful

Ebb and flow throughout my short life!
Why must time be categorized,
filed away
into our minds?
Are you and I not one
in the same day?
Do we not exist,
but for the love and beauty
of all things?
Are there not an infinite amount of sunsets
(glories of life)
in the course of a day?
Can we not visualize our purpose
it has a deadline?

Closing my eyes,
the clock stops its tick-tocking;
the cars stop their honk-honking; but
my heart continues beat-beating.
In the darkness of my mind,
time is eternal, it is pure and is made
from my blood and tears.
Time does not exist
for every atom in my body
(My body, my soul
does not move back and forth.)

In sleep,
all things are peaceful,
In death,
the ebb and flow will stop,
and all that will remain
is love
(a love for all things beautiful.)


sal said...


Pincushion said...

I liked the way you've captured the feeling of love amidst the daily chaos of life...
' and all that will remain is love..'
I live in the eternal hope that it IS so..but am disturbed by the thought that the world does not allow it to be so...

Keep writing..I find hope in your poetry :)

. : A : . said...

"In sleep,
all things are peaceful,

Really liked these lines. So true.

PoeticMermaid said...

"Can we not visualize our purpose
it has a deadline?"

This whole poem says one thing to me. You’re dead without love. It doesn't necessarily have to be one shared between lovers; it can also be the love between friends, relatives, and with the self.

This was so peaceful. Not sure if you have children, but this would be a beautiful bedtime story, Adrian.

PoeticMermaid said...
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