Wednesday, March 30, 2005

a reminder

Your smile warms me.
Your touch calms me.
Your kiss sets fire to my soul,
and quenches my desire.
Your look tickles me,
and lets me know that you care.

I love you,
for the way that you love me.
I love you,
for the way that you touch me
with your eyes.
I love you,
because you are mine,
and I am yours.

You are beautiful;
not the way a flower is beautiful,
nor a painting.
You are beautiful
in a way that words cannot describe.
You must be seen to understand.

Your touch warms my heart,
and puts me in a state of

I love you,
more than I love anything or
How could I compare
the love I have for you?
To do so,
would shame you.

I love you,
my love.
Never forget me.

1 comment:

Anonymous Poet said...

I like the line "Your look tickles me," that makes me smile/chuckle . . .

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