Friday, March 11, 2005

Modest Proposal

We have discovered ourselves
in these past years.
We have separated,
only to become stronger,
We have loved each other,
with each passing day,
and felt as if
we have known each other always.

When I close my eyes,
I think of you.
I do not think of the past
as behind me.
It is a part of me;
as you are.
I do not reach for the memories,
because they are not forgotten.
They create who I am;
as you do.
we exist only for ourselves,
for today.
I see the woman before me:
your eyes hold our past,
your arms wrap around me.
I see and feel
the past in you.

We have discovered ourselves
in these past years.
The leaves will continue to change,
ripening colors,
over the years.
The snow will continue to fall,
dusting our hair as we kiss:
cold noses,
warm lips.
The world will continue to change
as we hold each other close.
My love for you
is as constant as change itself.
I will love you forever
as we change together.

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