Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oh sorrow! Oh depression!

Oh sorrow! Oh depression!
That which I hold so close to my breast
and dispel out of time and existence.
Oh sorrow! Oh depression!
From what cold, black pool
did you arise
to take me into your darkness?
I can feel you
sinking me deeper.
All that I see, feel, breathe
is your cold blackness
surrounding me,
grasping me by the throat.
Let me sing! Let me breathe once again!
so that I may rise
from your ash
and fly with the burning phoenix
over the dull horizon
toward the sun.
Let me feel my heart
beat again
so that I may awaken
the slumbering armies of the Northern skies.
They will march in beat
with my heart, and
shine with courage
down upon my brow,
and lead me to a place
of white light and heat
where you do not belong, and
cannot exist.

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