Thursday, April 07, 2005


I want someone to watch
adoringly as she sleeps.
I want someone to kiss goodnight.
I want someone to hold my hand.
I want someone to talk with me.
I want someone to smile when
I laugh.

It is wonderful to love her
so beautifully
with desire.

I watch adoringly
as she sleeps.
We kiss to quench our passionate nights.
We walk together
holding hands
my heart in hers,
her heart in mine.
We talk until dawn.
We smile, and our bodies are united.
We love and cry;
we hold each other
encompassed in adoration.

Time comes and goes,
the years sweeping through us like a warm breeze.
An eternity has passed
and been shared within our hearts,
our souls, our bodies.
Oh, how love lets us live!
With every passing day,
the bond becomes stronger.
I love you, my sweet darling.
How I look forward to
rediscovering you
with each breath I take.
Every moment in time,
as my eyes open,
I love you again.


PoeticMermaid said...

I like the image of heart in hand, and falling in love again after opening one's eyes each morning.

PoeticMermaid said...

Hey, you finally figured out how to post other blogs on yours...great!