Friday, April 08, 2005

poet again

I want to be a
poet again.
Perhaps I never was
one, but
I want to bleed
my feelings.
I want my soul to grab
this pen from my hand.
Let me show you how to feel!
I want him to take over:
The Hopeless Romantic that
I used to be.
She love me more then,
or so I think.
She says she will always
love me, that man that I am,
but I could make her cry
She would read, and my
words would blur in
the pools of her tears.
Was that me?
Am I lost?

I want to be a poet
I want to write her,
and pour my feelings
over her.
She would drink them like
sweet water,
she is dying of thirst.
She needs the romance.
I need it, too.

I want to be a poet
I never stopped loving
feeling her.
I never stopped.

1 comment:

PoeticMermaid said...

The poet is never lost, Adrian. With time, it may be a glowing ember over a raging fire, but Anil once said the embers still remain when the fire is gone.