Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I hate being mislead.
I hate being confused.
I hate that my mother is dead.
I hate that my brother is wasting away his life.
I hate that my father is unemotional.

Sometimes, I wish I were less emotional,
less worrisome,
less self-conscious.
Sometimes, I wish I were all the things
I am not.

Explore the world you live in.
Do not stop at the end.
Begin in the middle,
continue through the end, and
end where you begin.
Here, you will find yourself.
You will see a new beginning,
from which you can begin again.


eden said...

this poem is well written !nice one.....

PoeticMermaid said...

The poems I love the most are the ones that shake me to my very core in their vulnerability. This is a struggle and unearthing of the self in one great cry.

Jyotsna said...

New beginnings--i beleive in them and i feel you do too..they help us in finding ourselves as we traverse through life's journey.This touched me,the plea and its pain!

Sean said...

Hello. Thanks for the invitation. I like this prose. Allow me to reflect for a bit.

There is sometimes more than one effect to an event i.e. being mislead, being confused, my father being dead...etc. Try to understand that you are exactly where you are because of all the events in your life starting with your birth. There is order here, we just can't understand it. I know this because intelligence is not possible without order. You can think of intelligence being inside of order, as the earth is inside of the universe.

Keep in mind that it could always be worse, just the same as it could always be better.

Standing/sitting/laying where you are, if you are alive and healthy, at least there is always hope for the fulfillment you seek.

boo said...

Confusion is the almost constant state of my life so this poem really spoke to me! Even when i'm fine i'm still quietly confused about something and it really is a thing to hate.

I wish i was less those things too, less a person who lets things get to me and eat away at me and eat away at me until i have to know the ins and outs of every painful story.

I begin again at my parents house, its cliché but when im at uni i just want to go home and feel like a real person.

gulnaz said...

i can relate to your poem.
i love my parents and often worry about losing them. i don't agree with my bro's career choice, he has so much potential and he is sellig himself short...i am so angry with him, that i hd been not talking with him for the last year or so...learning that this wont help so i at least talk with him now.

'begin in the middle'...great idea for someone like me.

- brydz - said...

this is so real and i can relate to: Sometimes, I wish I were less emotional,
less worrisome,
less self-conscious.
Sometimes, I wish I were all the things
I am not.,
i quite often think this but am learning not to.