Friday, April 15, 2005

the forest

I am standing in a forest
Silence surrounds me
I am alone
I can see my family,
The ones I love,
But they cannot
See me

A stark realization blankets me:
I must leave them
I must turn around and leave
No good-byes
No last minute love to share
No time at all
I feel the force behind me
Pulling me toward it...
Toward the loneliness
I want to stay, but
I want the warmth of life,
But I am cold
i am dead.

the forest becomes gray
the color of a storm
it is raining, but I cannot
the rain on my skin
i am not wet
i am cold
water touches my cheek,
but it is only a tear
one tear:
shed for my life
shed for my love
shed for the warmth

i must go
to a place i do not know
i fear the unknown, but
most of all,
i fear leaving
I fear being alone.


Sean said...

You bring tears to my eyes. This is what I imagine goes on in your mind as you are dying. Thought provoking as usual. Thanks for your persistence and words; I have enjoyed my time here at your blog today.

Anonymous Poet said...

Very sad. I take it that this is, in fact, about death. (That's my immediate interpretation, anyway). Of all your poems (so far) I think I like this one the best. It is very stream of conscious and brings the reader right into the moment in a natural way.