Monday, April 18, 2005


one, two, three, four....
I think, think, think.
I think of my father,
and how he thinks of me.
Does he respect me?
Does he love me?

I think so.

I think of my mother:
two years ago, she passed away.
I think of the stale hospice,
the cancer, the grasping for breath, for life,
the death.
What was she thinking
in her final hour:
Does she think she lived a good life?
Did she think that I loved her?

I think so.

I think of my brother,
away at college.
I hope he is thinking,
any kind of thinking at all.
I think I should give him
more credit, but
I think he doesn't care.
I think I love him,
regardless of our past, our history.
I think he is capable,
if he only thought so.

I think of my family,
my life.
I think I have lived a good life.
I didn't used to think this,
but I think things will work out
in the end.
If I think happy thoughts,
I think I can fly.
I think life is short,
so I think
I will start living.


Dee said...

I realy liked this poem. You write so honestly. Thanks for coming and visiting my blog. I just wanted to know if you read words without thought. I have had a lot of people read that one but no one realy tells me what they think of it. I will be back to check you out soon

mermaid said...

The power of thought can make you take risks, or stay put, fly or fall, sometimes both.

gulnaz said...

yep you do write honestly.
happy thoughts...i like that phrase...powerful stuff they are.

Pincushion said...

What would we be if we didn't think or so I think...

'I will start living'...

and that my dearest Adrian is the most powerful of all thoughts!
live my friend..and i'll try to too :)